2021 Avenues of Service Event
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Special Incentive Drawing
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Rose Parade Float
 New Year's Day, 2022
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India COVID Relief Project
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Governor's Corner
Wheelchair Project Info
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Wheelchair Project Status
As of September 8, 2021
Leadership Meeting Highlights
Memorable Moments
July 7, 2021 - Past RI President Rick King
August 4, 2021 - Past RI Director Ken Boyd
Sept. 8, 2021 - Past RI Director John Blount
DGE Corner
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2021 District Training Assembly
District Training
Upcoming Events
Global Grant Activity
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Use Zoom?
Creating a Zoom Playbook
Partnership with Red Cross
The Rotary/Red Cross Playbook (Click HERE) - Posted 3/13/2021
Rotary/Red Cross Partnership (Click HERE) - Posted 8/20/2021
Being a Red Cross Donor Ambassador (Click HERE) - Posted 3/13/2021
Support Local Food Banks (Click HERE)