Coronavirus (COVID-19)
We are in some very trying times but we will all get through this!
Please review and follow the procedures
discussed in the March 16th
Santa Clara County order to "Shelter in Place." 
Order updated 3/31/2020, effective at 11:59 PM 
The procedures have been ordered in six BayArea counties:
Santa Clara, Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda and Marin 
Additional information can be viewed at the SCC Public Health website. 
  • From our local newspapers: SJ Mercury  Posted on 3/28/2020
  • From UC San Francisco: Click HERE  Posted on 3/18/2020
  • From The White House: Updated on 3/31/2020
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Stay safe & healthy!
And, remember to wash your hands, regularly!
In addition - DON'T PANIC!
Your District Leadership Team!
Webinar Resource Center
(Responses to/from 3/30 5 PM)
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District Training Assembly
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Global Grant Scholarship
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If you have any scholarship questions, please contact Dr. Noe Pablo Lozano, Palo Alto University Rotary Club, District 5170 Scholarship Chair and Stanford
Engineering Associate Dean-Emeritu
Global Reach as of July 1, 2018


District Administration
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The Rotary Foundation Grants Forms
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Yellow Pages

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Helping Our Community
Global Grant Activity
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Youth Exchange
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Rotary relevancy within our communities is partially based on collaborative efforts and how we partner with local agencies.  In an attempt to enhance this effort, the section(s) below should assist with this idea.
Please feel free to reach out to me with your thoughts and ideas.
Partnership with Red Cross
Opportunity for Fire Safety-Smoke Alarms (Click HERE)
Opportunity to become a Smoke Alarm volunteer (Click HERE)
Volunteer opportunities (Click HERE)
Support Local Food Banks (Click HERE)
COVID-19 Severe Blood Shortage (Click HERE) - Posted 3/25/2020
COVID-19 Be Red Cross Ready (Click HERE) - Posted 3/23/2020