The Public Image/Public Relations plan for the 2023-2024 Rotary year will be focused on assisting clubs in determining their relevancy to their respective communities.  As I presented during the May 2023 District Training Assembly, my focus may be taking a different approach compared to previous years.
Here is the link to that fourteen-minute presentation:
Starting with some basics, I wish to define two terms that continue to swirl around and, in my opinion, result in varying levels of confusion.  As I researched both terms, definitions should be simple.
1. Public Image – This is a pictorial view of the process.  It may be a simple picture or an impression of a person, organization, or project.  As a noun, it is a visual representation of the external form whether a person or object.
2. Public Relations – This in my opinion is based on messaging.  It is about managing perceptions or how people think or communicate about a subject.
Putting these two together, I think that we can say that Public Relations can create a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships to maintain a positive Public Image of our Rotary organization.”
In our Rotary realm, we focus on our Four-Way Test and our Core Values to achieve both the Image and subsequent Relations.
As I stated above, my direction for this Rotary year will be to assist each Club in determining, understanding, and executing those tasks that will fulfill the mission of club relevancy within a community.  This will be accomplished by:
1. Ensuring each club has a strategic plan which should include the club’s common vision and commitments.  This should also include optimization of existing club resources.
2. Determining effectiveness factors for such things as the club website, social media, and key club fundraisers.
3. Determining the tools available to each club.
4. Determining and implementing “Solution Team” concepts to assist clubs in cross collaboration efforts.  Many clubs have various focus themes and it’s time to create a process for clubs to collaborate with these efforts.