A Message from Dr. Geeta Kadambi
District 5170 International Committee Chair
Hello Rotarians,
Goal for 2020-2021 International Service Team: Collaborate, Inform, Enable, Serve.
We as a team want all Presidents and International Chairs to collaborate with each other. Many small and new clubs are added in our district. Some Rotarians are first timers. Let the collaborative spirit of Rotary prevail and let’s reach out to them to feel welcome. They would love your stories and help. 
We as a team want to get more information for you from Rotary International regarding grant writing process requirements and get to meet the Rotary Grant officers.  We want to share information between clubs regarding available funds, ideas and help so all small and medium clubs can join big and experienced clubs to do good in the world. This will help recruit new members and build stronger Rotary for the future.
Let’s serve the world together. Join us on our online meetings. 
Meet our team:
1. Sangita Seshadri: sangitaseshadri@gmail.com, Area 8 and 9
2. Patrick Coyle: pat@coyles.com, Area 4 and 7
3. Shannon Chan: shannon.chan@homeinstead.com, Area 1 and 3
4. Geeta Kadambi: Geeta.kadambi@gmail.com, Area 5 and 6.
All have specific areas assigned. Please reach out to them for any help. All have written or reviewed several grants. We work very closely with Jon Winston and Cecelia Babkirk who are the pillars of grant team.  Let’s us know what you need? We will try and help you.
Humbly in your service,
Geeta Kadambi
District International Chair
Rotary Club of Fremont Bridge
Jon Winston
Rotary Club of Santa Cruz Sunrise
District 5170 TRF Grants Subcommittee Chair