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Membership Committee Welcome Page
A Recap of Rotary Year 2016-17:
Under Immediate Past District Governor Jeff Orth’s leadership, Rotary District 5170 has resulted in 52 net new members in the District, and one new Rotary Club was chartered – the Rotary Club of Silicon Valley Passport.  Congratulations to Jeff for a productive and fun Rotary year!
Welcome to Rotary Year 2017-18:
As we move forward into Rotary Year 2017-18, under the leadership of District Governor Orrin Mahoney, we again look forward to inviting more people to join Rotary, in “building lifelong friendships and making a difference”!  At the same time, it is essential that we keep current club members engaged and happy through best practices performed by Club Service Committee. A strong and vibrant Club has active members in both the Club Service Committee and Membership Committee – these two committees go hand in hand, complementing each other’s efforts in member retention and attraction, thus resulting in healthy and continuous membership growth. The District Membership Committee serves as a resource for every Club in the District, both in best practices in serving your current members and in attracting new members.  Please contact District Membership Chair Hung Wei at for your questions and needs in Club Service and Membership activities.
An Important Message from Rotary International:
Rotary International Council on Legislation has approved major updates in Membership flexibility – flexibility in Meeting Format, Meeting Attendance Requirement, and Membership Types.  Club leadership team is encouraged to adopt flexible measures according to club culture and local needs to effectively implement best practices in membership retention and attraction. It is up to each Club Board to decide how the Club wants to adopt the new flexible options.  The following are suggestions of five ways a club can implement flexibility in Membership:
1)Change your meeting schedule.
2)Vary your meeting format.
3)Relax attendance requirements.
4)Offer multiple membership types.
5)Invite Rotaractors to be members of your club.
Message from Zone 25/26 Leadership Team:
For the first time in decades, innovation in our clubs is alive again.  Through our combined efforts, and with help from the Council on Legislation, we have freed up clubs to change the club experience to better meet the needs of their members.  Further, the definition of “a club meeting” has become more creative, innovative and relevant. 
We encourage clubs to make Rotary more relevant to people who are in their careers, with families.  We now have a robust effort in all districts to validate that Rotaractors and young professionals/emerging leaders, have a place on the board, at the decision table and in our future, to make our clubs stronger, with a broader range of members that will make Rotary better. 
We are very fortunate in Zones 25 & 26 to have remarkably dedicated people, with a desire to innovate for the future, while with respect for the traditions of the past. 
The District Membership Committee meets every month before the District Cabinet Meeting – date, time, and location vary each month.  If you are interested in attending, please contact
Hung Wei
District Membership Chair