Ukraine Relief Project
The eastern part of Ukraine has lost between 50-90% of infrastructure, especially power plants and systems. People will freeze to death without warmth and electricity.
THE POWER 4 U program
(A Rotary and NGO partnership program.)
The Program is providing generators, wood burning systems (ovens, stoves, and boilers), charging stations, shelter supplies. vehicles for movement and evacuation in the east of Ukraine, medical support, etc.  Most products can be purchased in the western part of Ukraine and Poland. Only specific items like generators, medical equipment, and other specialty items need to be brought from outside of Ukraine.
Here are the priorities:
Priority 1a (Generators)
Ukraine is out of the regular size generators, and so is most of Europe due to the energy crisis. People will freeze in subzero temperatures. Middle of surgeries, the power is shutting down. Boilers and systems can't start without electrical charge. Children are sitting in the dark. Heating systems and boilers can’t work without electricity. This must be ordered within the next approximately 2 weeks. We have negotiated a special deal with 2 high quality and safe manufacturers in the USA. Our first shipment of 1500 is ready to send 6KW generators and negotiated to ~ $550 per generator. They will ship from the New York area and reach Ukraine within 3.5 weeks.
However, we need to raise the funds immediately to purchase them.
Priority 1b (Wood Burning Stoves and Boilers)
These are available in Eastern Ukraine by manufacturers. These are manufactured or procured from there to help the local economy and provide jobs. Average cost for a medium size is $250 + installation costs = $275.
Priority 2a (Trucks and Cars)
Much of the previously destroyed regions need vehicles to be able to bring equipment and supplies.  These vehicles will come from the western Ukraine or other countries neighboring Ukraine.
Priority 2b (Shelters and Rescue Program)
Shelters are overrun and need additional spaces and supplies urgently. The project is for fixing abandoned buildings from the times of USSR. It will provide medical support, food, and hygiene.
IMMEDIATE and Call-to-Action
  • We urgently need to collect the funds for the 1500 generators ready to ship.  
  • In parallel, the manufacturing of Wood burning furnaces and boilers has been started by Ukraine companies, creating jobs as well.
  • Batch 2 can be shipped as soon as funds are available.  Ukraine Rotarians have provided a demand of over 10,000.
Overall POWER 4 U program goals:
  1. 10,000 generators
  2. 10,000 wood stoves and boilers
  3. 10,000 charging power stations
  4. 10,000 units for cases of winter supplies, medicine, and food
  5. 1000 trucks and cars
Distribution: Accomplished through Rotary Ukraine and Trusted Partners.
Record Keeping:  If you have already sent generators please email the team below to record it for a RI report. 
If you have additional items to donate, let's collaborate to scale the impact.
Please contact us for larger donations and partnerships for service projects.
Can we count on you to help us give power and save lives? 
For more information, please contact
Harbir K Bhatia