The Sponsoring Rotary Club is the club sending the student abroad.  Sponsoring a Rotary Youth Exchange student provides our children with a great opportunity to learn other cultures, and immerse in foreign languages that will broaden their horizons.

All clubs shall abide by the Rotary International Youth Exchange Guidelines.

Long-term Rotary Youth Exchange Student:

The Sponsoring Club should provide club banners and pins (if available) to exchange while abroad.  We would also suggest that you send the student a gift for their birthday and for the holidays.

Your club will need to provide a counselor for the sponsored student.  The counselor should stay in touch with the student during the entire exchange.  Any problems or questions should be directed to the District Youth Exchange Officer (YEO).

There are many places your club can find candidates to be exchange students.

  • Interact members
  • Schools (Public and Private)
  • Children of Rotarians
  • Family members
  • Neighbors
  • Church members
  • Friends
  • Other community groups

Short-term Rotary Youth Exchange Student:

The cost to sponsor a short-term Rotary Youth Exchange student is the price of a few of lunches at your Rotary meeting: the sponsored student, the hosted student and their parent(s).