Secretary's and Treasurer's Manual

Club Secretaries and Treasurers

Your Club Presidents may have given you the Rotary International Club Secretary’s or Treasurer’s Manuals prior to visiting this website page. If not, please click on the desired manual int he list under "Files" in the left column.

The Club Secretary's Manual provides the tools to help you prepare and succeed in the position of Club Secretary and the Club Treasurer's Manual provides the tools to you prepare and succeed in the position of Club Treasurer. Whether you are experienced or new at either job, the manuals include useful and thought provoking questions and answers that will enable you to do a better job.

The Club Secretary's Manual includes:
  • The role and responsibilities of a club Secretary
  • A planning Calendar
  • Reporting Requirements
  • The standard duties of a club Secretary
  • Important documents, like the standard club constitution and recommended bylaws
The Club Treasurer's Manual includes:
  • The role, responsibilities, and duties of a club Treasurer
  • Collecting dues
  • Developing a budget
  • Accounting for service project funds
  • A sample budget
Because secretaries’ and Treasurers' responsibilities vary according to regional practices and established club procedures, you should adapt the suggestions in this publication to fit your club’s needs. Use this manual to prepare for your term in office. The Secretary and Treasurer have several responsibilities that are interrelated. It is important that the Secretary and Treasurer work closely together to arrive at a mutual understanding of club operations, particularly the division of various responsibilities (as described on the RI website.)

Interrelated Duties:

Club dues & other payables: 
 - Track dues collected from and owed by members
 - Send statements of club, district, & RI dues to all members regularly, as determined by the club - The statement should include any other amounts payable, such as the cost of meals. 
 - Issue receipts to members
 - Report any delinquency in dues payments to the board regularly
Contributions to & Reporting to RI