District 5170 Connectors
In today's world, a compelling brand is one of the keys to success for businesses and other organizations.  Rotary has competition when it comes to attracting new members and by creating more awareness of the Rotary brand, we can attract new members to expand our impact and share our relevancy in the world.
Our Committee seeks collaboration and teamwork with District and club leaders in achieving shared goals.
Use the various resources provided through this page!
For questions or assistance, please contact:

District 5170 Connectors Team

Katie Cooney – Palo Alto University Rotary Club

Danny Mai – Rotary Club of Oakland

Arley Marley III – Los Altos Rotary

Mary Lynn Pelican – Niles (Fremont) Rotary 

Paul Phipps - Niles (Fremont) Rotary

Reena Patnaik Rao - The Rotary Club of Cupertino

Jeff Schinkel - Niles (Fremont) Rotary