Grants Training Courses
Completing a grants training course is a club qualification requirement of The Rotary Foundation.    At least one member of a club must take a training course each year for his/her club to be qualified.   Club qualification is required for clubs to participate in the Rotary Grants program.
Two grants training course paths are available.   One for District Grant writers and one for Global Grant writers.
If you are writing District Grants, then you are required to take the 1 hour online District Grants Training Course followed by the quiz.
  1. Click to access the District Grants Training Course
  2. Click to access the District Grants Training Quiz
  3. The District 5170 grants team will automatically be notified of your completion and will send you an acknowledgment. 
If you are writing Global Grants, then you are required to take one of the two TRF created courses.  The first option is the TRF Grant Management Seminar , a 3h 10m comprehensive course that must be taken at least once for club qualification.  The second option is the TRF Grant Management Recertification 2022-23, a 30 minute refresher course for those who have already completed the Seminar at any time in the past.    Both of these courses are offered through the Learning Center.
  1. Go to and log in.  If you don't have a login you can create one.
  2. Click on the KNOWLEDGE & RESOURCES menu and select Learning Center.  You will be taken to the Leaning Center
  3. Click on the VIEW link under The Rotary Foundation
  4. Select either Grant Management Seminar or Grant Management Recertification 202x-2y (if you have taken the full Seminar in the past)
  5. Once you have completed and passed the course, send an email to to receive credit for having taken the course. 
Please send any comments or corrections to Jon Winston, 2019-2024 Grants Chair at