In this tutorial we will explain how you can add a photo slideshow to your Rotary Club website in a module or story.  We will be using the free Google photo and web storage application Picasa in order to accomplish this.  If you do not already have a Picasa account you can sign up for one by using the following link  Picasa is a great way you can upload, store & share your Rotary Club images.

For our example we will be using a Picasa photo gallery from the Gilroy Rotary club.

  1. Open the Picasa application and create a new photo album.  Upload all images you wish to put into your slideshow to that photo album.
  2. Once your images have finished uploading open your new photo album in the web browser of your choice.
  3. Next look for the RSS feed link and click on it (image 1). A new window or tab will open showing the RSS feed for that album.
  4. Copy the link for the RSS feed.  The link can be seen in the browser address bar (image 2).
  5. Next, open the following URL in order to generate your embed code:
  6. Once you have opened the URL above you will paste the RSS feed URL into the “Paste in your Picasa Web Album RSS code:” field (image 3).
  7. Set the desired width and height for your slide show, background color, and auto start options (or use the default).
  8. Once you have set the parameters click the Submit button and your embed code will appear in the box below (image 3).  Here is the code that our example generated:


  9. Open the module box or article in which you wish to add the slideshow.
  10. In the ClubRunner editor click the HTML button at the bottom of the editor screen (image 4). It is important to note that unless you are in the HTML view you can't successfully paste in the Picasa embed code.
  11. Paste the code into your editor window.
  12. Next click the Design button at the bottom of the editor screen (image 4).
  13. Finally click the Update button to save your work.

Congratulations!  You just added a photo slideshow to your website!

Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4

Example of Picasa Photo Slide Show