This section will show you how to educate Rotarians and non Rotarians alike on things related to The Rotary Foundation.
The first link in the SUBPAGES section is Annual Giving Letter for Clubs. It is a sample letter that club Presidents and club TRF chairs can send out.
The second link is the Resources to Educate TRF. The link goes to a page of information produced by Steven Solomon, Rotary International Annual Giving Chair. There are many links there that will give a plethora of information. There are even many videos that can be used during club meetings.
The third link is Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY). There are more links to information about TRF.
The fourth link is TRF Promo as Club Presentation.
The final link is Speakers. The list is the contacts for the various committees making up TRF. They will help find club program speakers on the various topics.
Suggestions are always welcome related to posting more reference material about TRF.