June can be a tough month for many clubs when it comes to membership. It is a time when some members leave due to financial or time challenges.
I want you to be aware that you may be able to help them stay in Rotary.
Let me explain why our Passport Club could solve the two of the main reasons we lose a good member at this time of year. 
  • Financial: If a Rotarian in your club is considering dropping membership because their financial situation has changed and the cost of Rotary has become a financial burden to them, the Passport Club maybe a much less expensive option.
The dues for the Passport Club are only $180 per year with a onetime admission fee of $15. Typically there are no meal costs as the Club commonly meets over light refreshments.
  • Time commitment: A member that is having problems attending regular club meetings due to traffic, work family or a rigid meeting time might benefit from membership in the Passport Club.
The Passport Club meets only one Saturday a month for a club meeting and once a month to do either a service project or attend a meeting at any other Rotary Club. This represents a great opportunity to maintain relationships with old friends and at the same time make some new ones.
If you have a Rotarian that could benefit from this “Member Rescue”, please contact Ramesh Hariharan, the President of the Passport Club at ramesh@compusharp.com. Inform Ramesh that you have a member in good standing that will be terminating with his current club and is recommended for membership with the Passport Club.  It’s a simple idea that can make a big difference for people who value their membership in Rotary.
Financial situations and the demands of work can and do change. When this happens a Passport Club Rotarian can rejoin his/her old club when things improve.
Keeping good people that desire to continue in Rotary is vital to the health of this organization and it is important that we help them discover a way to continue as a Rotarian.