A Message from John Flaniken
District 5170 International Committee Chair
Hello Rotarians,
The International Service resources in District 5170 are superb.
  • D5170 manages District Designated Funds (DDF) in a unique and fair way. Every club gets an allocation of DDF based on their club’s past giving. If they don't have a large DDF allocation, they can partner with other clubs to get the $16.7k minimum of DDF (with TRF change to 80% match) to complete global grant.
  • Under D5170’s “Max the Match” program club’s receive $1.25 cash for every 1 dollar of DDF they apply to their project when completing a district grant. Clubs can also use cash to buy 1 dollar of DDF for $1.25, which when matched (now at 80%) in an approved global grant results in a 1.44 multiplier on the cash.
  • We have deep expertise in our D5170 Grants Subcommittee with Jon Winston, Cecilia Babkirk, and the balance of the team. Our Grants Team members are incredible. 
A primary focus of 2023-24 is training smaller District Clubs to leverage DDF in exchange for the opportunity to travel with larger, more experienced D5170 Clubs that have International Projects currently in the pipeline.
The International Service Committee’s mission for 2023-2024 is to support International Service activity in D5170 Rotary Clubs by:
  • Promoting the joy and impact of International Service
  • Resource awareness and best practices for improving global grant applications
  • Adding inexpensive clinics like eyeglass, toothbrush and sanitation napkin distribution to International Trips
  • Creating a Hub where International Service needs are matched with resources
  • Strengthen the global grant application process by relying on GG experts
  • Send out monthly International Updates to Club Presidents and Chairs
  • Work closely with the District Rotary Foundation and Grants Committees
I look forward to assisting you on your International Service Journey.
Let’s “Create Hope in the World,”
John Flaniken
District International Chair
Rotary Club of Santa Cruz Sunrise
US cell and WA: +1 831-334-0890