The purpose of this section is to provide District 5170 Assistant Governors with a variety of resources.

Overview & Objective

The Assistant Governor is the primary contact between the Rotary Club and the District Governor, serving as a valuable resource, advisor and communication link within the district. Assistant Governors work with their area Rotary clubs assisting their efforts in achieving club goals while fostering a sense of camaraderie, inspiration, enthusiasm and mutual support among the area club presidents. This position reports to the Lieutenant District Governor first and then to the District Governor, if necessary.
Term of Appointment: The appointment has traditionally been a 2-year term, renewable annually, but subject to discretion of the DG, DGE and DGN and to the agreement of the Assistant Governor.

District Level Responsibilities

  • Attends Assistant Governor Training
  • Coordinates the District Governor club visits
  • Collaborates with District Governor-Elect and attends Pre-PETS sessions with club Presidents-Elects
  • Assists the District Governor-Elect with PETS and DTA training
  • Stays current with status of clubs---communicates clubs’ strengths, weaknesses, and progress toward goals to the District Governor
  • Promotes Rotary knowledge and assists with problem solving
  • Prepares/submits club reports and attends district meetings
  • Participates in district events and activities, including Rotary Foundation and Public Image activities
  • Attends PETS
  • Attends the District Training Assembly and District Conference
  • Completes club evaluation on Rotary Club Central following club visits
  • Supports the incoming Assistant Governor in transition to the role and provides relevant information about current status of area clubs

Club Level Responsibilities

  • Visits clubs (at least quarterly)
  • Holds regular area meetings of club presidents monthly after the monthly District Leadership meeting
  • Helps presidents-elect develop and enter club goals in Rotary Club Central
  • Monitors the progress of clubs toward their goals in Rotary Club Central
  • Assists clubs as they schedule and plan the District Governor’s visit
  • Attends club meetings, club assemblies, and other events, as invited
  • Motivates clubs to follow through on District Governor requests
  • Identifies and shares ways the district leadership team can support clubs
  • Promotes attendance to the District Training and District Conference and encourages participation in other district meetings and training opportunities
  • Promotes club awareness of available resources at the District and RI level
  • Coordinates club-level training with the appropriate district committee


  • Successful completion of a full year as a club president, or at least six months as a charter president
  • Commitment to providing timely communication to Area clubs
  • Commitment to providing information and support to Area clubs
  • Ability to meet with Club Presidents on a regular basis and attend Club meetings and events
  • Must be Youth Protection compliant and have taken District Youth Protection training
  • Be a Rotarian in good standing