Red Badge to Blue Badge Process


Once a Rotary club has recruited a new member, the new member is given a red badge.  The red badge symbolizes the trial period for both the new member and the Rotarians in the club.  The process to become a full member and obtain a blue badge is defined by each club.  The link to the Red Badge to Blue Badge Process gives an example of minimums the red badger should be asked to do to obtain a blue badge.


Rotary International is over 105 years old, which is a lot of time to develop a lot of great ideas and methodologies.  To a new red badger, and probably a lot of long time blue badgers, there is much information the Rotarians needs to absorb and does not know where to turn.  One way to keep new members engaged and not feeling overwhelmed is to appoint a long term club member as a mentor to the new red badger.  Click on the link to the left to find a list of what functions a mentor could perform to assist the new Rotarian.