New Club Formation

In the Rotary world this is called Club Extension.  Rotary in our district and in the world needs to grow to keep our organization healthy.  Also, there are Non-Rotarians in our district that for one reason or another just don't want to join one of our existing clubs but are interesting in Rotary. There are also Rotarians who leave Rotary because their current club does not fit their needs or interests.  One action we can take to fit these situations is assist in the formation of new clubs.  In other districts new clubs have been formed, for example, called New Generation Clubs, Eco or Environmental Clubs, Military Base Clubs, Outdoor Recreational Activity Clubs, and various ethnic clubs in Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese and other such communities. Finally, with the closing of clubs in District 5170 over the past 15 years, large communities in the Bay Area have been left without local clubs.

As Rotarians and as Clubs we have a responsibility to help the formation of new clubs.  At and in My Rotary there are specific directions and a booklet in helping new clubs form.  In addition the District Membership Committee is responsible to help in the formation of new clubs. 

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