Membership Process for New Members

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Rotary Club of ____________________ Membership Process
1. Membership Proposal Form Part A and roster information form received by Secretary.
  • Secretary verifies that both forms are filled out completely, including that proposer has signed and dated the Membership Proposal Form;
  • When complete, Secretary records the date on the Action on Proposal timetable.
2. Submitted to membership committee.
  • Secretary records the date on the Action on Proposal timetable;
  • Membership committee determines and enters the Classification in the “To be completed by a club officer” section;
  • If the proposed member is a transferring or former Rotarian, the Secretary will go to the Rotary International website and get the previous membership information: name, Club ID number, beginning and ending dates at that club, Membership ID number;
  • Membership committee assigns the mentor to assist with orientation;
  • Membership committee checks the box for the proposed member to receive The Rotarian magazine.
3. Committee decision received by Secretary.
  • Membership committee records date and checks box for approved or disapproved action.
4. Submitted to board.
  • Membership committee or Secretary records the date submitted to the board.
5. Board decision received.
  • The Secretary records the board’s action of approved or disapproved and the date;
  • Once approved by the board, the Treasurer can write the admission fee (currently $60) and quarterly dues amounts in Part B of the Membership Proposal form (at the board meeting), crossing off “annual” and writing “quarterly” on the form. The Treasurer will write either the full quarterly dues, or prorate the amount, based on the number of weeks left in the quarter.
  • Once approved, Part B should be completed by the proposed member. This gives the Secretary permission to publish the proposed member’s name.
6. Proposed to club.
  • Secretary sends out an email, with information about the proposed member, to the club membership asking for any comments or objections within 7 days;
  • Secretary records the date the email is sent;
  • If any objection is filed, the board should address the issue at its next meeting.
7. Final approval by board.
  • Secretary notifies board that no objections have been received, requests final board approval, and records the date of the final approval;
  • Should there be objection/s, the Secretary notifies the board and adds this to the next board agenda.
8. Rotary information session held.
  • Rotarian in charge of the Rotary information session notifies the Secretary, who records the date.
9. Completed Membership Proposal Form (with all signatures), $60 admission fee and quarterly dues/prorated quarterly dues received by the Treasurer, who gives form to Secretary.
  • The Secretary notifies the President and makes up the Red Badge.
  • Secretary records the date the form and fees/dues are received.
10. Admitted to membership.
  • Secretary records the date.