This is the Membership Development section of the District 5170 website.  Here are found manuals produced by Rotary International to assist clubs plan for growth.  Reading and referring to the manuals at the left on an ongoing basis will assist clubs build and assure a strong future.

The Club Membership Committee Manual defines and explains the roles and responsibilities of a club's Membership Committee. It assits clubs by suggesting the structure of the committee to guarantee all aspects of an efficient committee are covered.

The Membership Development Resource Guide assists the Membership Committee and the club in general during the preparation and execution of the action plan to grow thr club.

The Membership Development Notes is an excellent in depth discussion of the overall process to implement a club's plan and "how to" realize the benefits.

The link to Membership and Development go to Rotary International's website.  There are additional aspects to developing clubs and assisting ailing clubs presented.

The link to Discussion Forums goes to the part of the Rotary International website where Rotarians ask questions and exchange suggestions related to Membership Development.

The following video is an interview of Cupertino Rotarian Past President Hsing Kung and Past President Larry Dean.  They are interviewed about their recruiting techniques within the Chinese community.  The video starts off in Chinese but will switch to English when the interview starts.